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    SAFE Act

    The SAFE Act – the Secure and Fair Enforcement for Mortgage Licensing Act (SAFE Act) is the federal law that was enacted due to the real estate and mortgage crash of 2007-2008. For a lot of committed and expert loan officers who’ve made the mortgage business their careers it’s a long time coming to finally have some national mortgage licensing and tracking system. There will now be a standard for expertise that elevates loan officers to a status similar those other professionals who are needed for real estate transactions which do require licensing and professional credentials like: real estate agents, lawyers, title agencies, insurance agents, and home appraisers.

    The purpose of the SAFE Act is to:

    1. Provide improved accountability and tracking of loan originators
    2. Enhance consumer protections and support anti-fraud measures
    3. Provide consumers with free information regarding a loan originator’s work history and public disciplinary and enforcement actions
    4. Establish a means by which residential home loan officers would be required to act in the best interests of the consumer
    5. Facilitate the collection and disbursement of consumer complaints
    6. Provide uniform license applications and reporting requirements for state licensed-loan originators

    Due to this Act, all residential loan officers must be state-licensed or federally registered. Smart Financial Credit Union has complied with the Safe Act and have registered our Mortgage Services Team.

    Smart Financial Credit Union
    NMLS ID: 456807

    Mortgage Service Team:

    Tricia Smith
    VP/Lending Services
    NMLS ID: 291882

    Angela Aguirre
    AVP/Lending Sales
    NMLS ID: 291888

    Elizabeth Vazquez
    AVP/Mortgage Services
    NMLS ID: 1148254

    Ana Romero
    Loan Originator
    NMLS ID: 697536

    Holly Sauceda
    Loan Processor
    NMLS ID: 298941

    Janee Mayweather
    Sr. Loan Processor
    NMLS ID: 901718

    Cliff Mathis
    Closing Coordinator
    NMLS ID: 904218

    Anita Moore
    Mortgage Originator
    NMLS ID: 330358

    Lara Ojeda
    Mortgage Originator
    NMLS ID: 40453

    Members may access for more information about our Mortgage Service Team.

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