Debakey VA Medical Center Branch Internal Directions

    DeBakey VA Medical Center

    2002 Holcombe Boulevard (1st floor) Houston, Texas 77030


    • Mon - Fri: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM
    • Saturday: Closed


    • Hours vary at this location (Deposits not accepted)


    • OST Entrance #70

      • Make the first left when you enter the building.
      • Make a right down the hall corridor and keep straight. You will pass the Hospital Cafeteria/Cantina.
      • Make the first right. If you pass the Pizza Parlor you have gone too far.
      • The Credit Union is on the left.
    • Main Entrance

      • Keep straight past the elevators. When you enter the building, make the first left.
      • Make the first right. You will pass the VA Store.
      • Continue past Cafeteria/Cantina. Make first right, then the first left.
      • The Credit Union is on the left.
    • Almeda Entrance

      • After entering the building make the first right.
      • Make a left. You will see Starbucks Coffee.
      • Continue straight down the hall corridor.
      • Once you past the Pizza Parlor make a left.
      • The Credit Union is on the left.
    Interactive Campus Map


    • Members may park in the patient parking area.
    • Please note: Tickets must be validated by the clinic in the hospital or there will be a fee for parking.
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