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    Freedom Checking Account

    Free ATMs anytime, anywhere.

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    With Smart Financial Credit Union Freedom Checking, you are free to use any ATM, anytime, anywhere. We make sure that using the ATM is easy, convenient, and most importantly free.
    • No monthly service fee (with Direct Deposit)
    • No minimum balance
    • Online Banking
    • Smart Freedom Debit MasterCard
    • Online Bill Pay access
    • Unlimited ATM fee refunds per month* (when requirements are met)
    • Unlimited check writing
    Get peace of mind...

    Overdraft Protection linked from your Savings account or Line of Credit

    Freedom Account Requirements**
    • $50 minimum opening balance
    • Direct Deposit is required to avoid monthly fee*
    • e-Statement (required for ATM fee rebates)
    • Average daily balance of $1,500 (required for ATM fee rebates)
    • Account is subject to a $12 monthly fee, if direct deposit is not maintained
    Monthly service fee
    • Without a direct deposit the account is subject to a $12 monthtly fee
    • New accounts have a 60 days grace period to set up direct deposit to avoid monthly fee
    Free ATM fees (Rebated)
    • $1,500 minimum average daily balance is required to qualify for ATM rebates
    • Maximum amount for individual ATM refund is $5 per transaction
    • Rebates will be applied to your Freedom Checking on the last business day of the monthly cycle
    • International fees (currency conversion fees) do not qualify for rebates
    • Avoid the hassle of paper statements with e-statements
    • This is not an interest bearing account
    • Checks will be issued upon request

    * Rebates are unlimited as to the number of ATM Fee refunds per month. The maximum amount for an individual ATM refund is $5.00. Refunds will be applied to Freedom Checking (account) on the first business day after monthly cycle of the rebate eligibility requirements were met. International fees (currency conversion fees) do not qualify for rebates. In the event a rebate is not credited to your account, please call us for resolution. If the total income reportable equals $600 or more in a taxable year, the credit union may issue you a 1099-MISC.

    ** Eligibility requirements for Freedom Checking: Direct Deposit to the Freedom Checking account or $12 monthly fee, e-statements, and an average daily balance of $1500. You must meet these requirements monthly to qualify for the ATM fee rebates. A lapse in eligibility in any given month may disqualify you from receiving rebates.

    *** This account is subject to a $12 monthly fee if direct deposit is not maintained. If direct deposit stops at any time, the $12 monthly will apply and will continue to be charged to your account until a direct deposit has been re-established within 30 (thirty) days. Terms and conditions may change at any time without prior notice.

    All Checking Accounts have the option of receiving a Debit MasterCard
    Now the fastest way to write a check is to not write one at all! With Smart Financial's Debit MasterCard, you have a fast and efficient way to access your checking account.

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