Savings & Checking

    Direct Deposit

    Direct Deposit is the simplest, safest, and most convenient way to be paid. Have your paycheck, social security, retirement or other recurring payments automatically deposited into your Smart Financial Checking or Savings account each pay period. This eliminates the rush to deposit your paycheck or worrying about having it lost or stolen. To see if your check may be direct deposited, simply contact your payroll department, or local agency. You will need to provide them with our Routing and Transit Number: 313083578 and your Credit Union Checking or Savings Account number*.

    With your authorization using our Direct Deposit Distribution form, we can automatically distribute deduction of a specified amount directly from your direct deposit into your Saving, Checking, Money Market, or Individual Retirement Account(s). You can even arrange to make regular loan payments or have money automatically deposited in another family member's account.

    *Please check your statement for these numbers. For Checking Accounts, simply look at the bottom of your checks. If you have a question regarding which account number to use, please contact Member Services at 713-850-1600 or 800-392-5084 during regular business hours or via email at

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